Soft Serve

Sweet, Ripe Addition to Liven your Summer Mood

The velvety indulgence of GODIVA Soft Serve revitalizes your every taste bud. This summer, renowned Belgian Chocolatier GODIVA keeps things cool with its signatures, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla White Chocolate and the Chocolate Twist, a miraculous combination of two of the most wonderful flavours, creating a double-taste summer infusion.

Relish in the two brand-new irresistible Soft Serve flavours, double the flavours, double the enjoyment. The assortment of Soft Serve ice cream is accompanied with its own swirl of sauces, together with a crispy cone dusted with crunchy chocolate, topped with a signature GODIVA chocolate chip.

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Chocolate Twist

  • Vanilla White Chocolate

THB 270

(Mini Cone)