Arouse your Senses with a Hot and Cold Sensation

Dive into an elevated satisfaction this summer, awakening all your taste buds with GODIVA Duette. This all-new dessert is a symphony of warm chocolate fondant with smooth liquid chocolate centre, topped with chocolate crumble and an icy swirl of GODIVA Chocolate Soft Serve, promising an exceptional experience of the senses.

Reward yourself with GODIVA Duette in two remarkable flavours, tangy Raspberry Ganache Fondant and nutty Hazelnut Praline Fondant, served with your favourite choice of GODIVA Soft Serve flavours - rich Dark Chocolate, smooth Vanilla White Chocolate or both, the Chocolate Twist.

  • Raspberry Ganache Fondant
  • Hazelnut Praline Fondant

Topped with your favourite GODIVA Soft Serve

HK$68 NT$270