Cup Ice Cream

Delicious Cool Treats Anywhere, Anytime

The Belgian Chocolatier always keeps its followers in mind, its popular Soft Serve is ever so delicious, the only downside is, you will have to enjoy it right away. GODIVA Cup ice cream collection is the answer to your problems. This summer, GODIVA is adding the new delightful Milk Coffee Cup Ice Cream that combining with the perfect balance of silky milk and rich coffee flavour to give layers of summer tastes deliciously.

The velvety Cup ice cream collection comes in an abundance of flavours, so that you can enjoy them all, in the comfort of your home. Relish in these rich, creamy extravagances, Belgian Dark Chocolate, Strawberry and Chocolate Chip, Milk Chocolate and Chocolate Chip and Earl Grey and Chocolate Chip, anytime, anywhere this summer.

Other Flavours

  • Belgian
    Dark Chocolate

  • Milk
    Chocolate Chip

  • Earl Grey
    Chocolate Chip

HK$50 ・ NT$200 ・ S$9