The Lady Godiva Legend

Many hundreds of years ago, a woman of great generosity and beauty left an indelible impression upon the people she reigned over in Coventry. Known for her lustrous hair and bountiful nature, she dedicated her life to the impoverished and stricken.

Her husband, Lord Leofric, was a powerful ruler, unsympathetic to the citizens of his kingdom. When he imposed a heavy burden of taxation upon his subjects, Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets,and if the people of the city remained inside, the taxation would be lifted.

Lady Godiva agreed to this bargain. Although she was demure in spirit, she was always most generous in action. Then finally, is was the morning of the event.Dawn rose, and the clock struck seven, ringing through the cobbled streets. The people closed their shutters,as promised. Lady Godiva’s velvet gown dropped to the ground, her luminous skin shimmering.

The ride began
Throughout the streets echoed the forergn sound of hooves galloping, yet not a single glance flew her way.

Upon her finish, the thunderous cheers were heard throughout the town. Lady Godiva had braved modesty and convention to win the hearts of all who knew her. As promised, Leofric eased his taxation of the poor, and her place in history was immortalized.

The legend of Lady Godiva has not diminished, but instead has grown and deepened. Centuries later, Joseph Draps, a renowned Belgian chocolatier, created a line of chocolates with extraordinary richness and design, a collection of passion and purity. He sought a name that embodied the timeless qualities of passion, style, sensuality and modern boldness. His choice GODIVA.

It’s not surprising that GODIVA Chocolatier, Inc., one of the creators of the world’s most elegant, hand-crafted chocolates, originated in Brussels, Belgium. For generations, Belgium has had a tradition of perfectionism, from its Rubens paintings and gothic architecture to products made of intricate lace, glittering crystal and its fabulous cuisine.