This is the story of the Draps family, the founders of GODIVA Chocolatier.

The story begins with Father Draps, who was already a renowned “Maître Chocolatier". In 1926, Father Draps decided to set up his own company. The whole family was brought in to help, as not only Mother Draps, but also the four children Pierre, Joseph, François, Yvonne, were also involved in producing, finishing, packaging and delivering the delicacies.

Unfortunately, the family suffered a heavy loss in 1937. Father Draps died. Then, just a few months later, they were struck again by a major calamity, when Mother Draps died.

The four children, Joseph, Pierre, François and Yvonne, all of whom were still very young, did not know which way to turn. With the help of a good friend of the family, it was decided to continue the business. And this in turn helped the children stay together. Joseph had a flair for understanding his customers; Pierre, who was very creative, took on new forms and tastes, Francoise mastered smooth marzipan and tasty jellies, and Yvonne had a lovely sense of style and created beautiful packages with paper and ribbons.

Creative Inspiration
The Draps continued to see through the success of the business and with their remarkable sense of creativity, it has carried on its tradition bringing some of today’s most welcoming chocolate flavours. In celebration of the important events in Brussels and the rest of the world, Pierre and Joseph Draps created the chocolate with nut flavor. Among some of Pierre’s famous creation, he produced chocolate “Fabiola” for the king of Belgium Baudewijn and his bride Fabiola as well as “Autant” inspired by the feather in the hat of heroine Scarlett to celebrate the premier of the movie “Gone with the wind.”


Since its introduction to America in 1966, GODIVA Chocolatier continues to be the leader in the premium confectionery category. GODIVA Chocolatier owns and operates more than 600 boutiques and shops worldwide. GODIVA products are also available at finer department and specialty stores.